a little piece of paradise?

well, not exactly. however, when the spot you call your own is only 4 ft x 8 ft and walls on only two sides, you try to make it look as pleasant as possible:

The large metal cabinets were too much for me. I stretched some fabric and ribbon around some canvases then glued magnets to the 4 corners. They stick up there quite nicely and I have some mini-clothespins to attach photos to the ribbon. The lamp on my desk cost me exactly $2! Michael's was clearing out all there summer deco. stuff and there it was. I added the ribbon but that is it! The little clock was $2 at Hobby Lobby on clearance - it used to be an ugly gray, but I have discovered the magic of black paint. The little white bird thingie was alongside my clock for $2 at Hobby Lobby and the black and white damask frame was $2.50 on clearance at Target. Desk deco. for less than $10... not bad!

I have a bunch of junk and people just don't have piles of junk lying around up there. I bought a cheap-o tension rod and SAFETY-PINNED the material around the top - it gets the job done :)
Also, please try to ignore the u-g-l-y green chair - ick!

Here are the birdie wall panels! This is the wall directly behind the computer - it was very blank and definitely needed something

Well, there you have it - Aren't you jealous?!

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Emily said...

we totally need to make a chair cover/slip cover...and by we, i mean you.