a good day

today was a good day:

1) my not-so-baby-anymore baby boy woke up cheerfully for his daddy (usually, like his mommy, he is quite crabby) and came running into our room shouting "Mama, mama!", so eager to find me - I love that!

2) visited 7-11 for my coffee on the way to work (for some background on this, please visit here); a very nice, older Indian man quietly said, "Good morning" to me as he brewed some more pots. No silly grins. no other comments. definitely no "M-dog". just a nice, simple, no-fuss "Good morning"

3) I did have to leave work mid-morning for a visit to my new OB. read the
previous post for the complete story

4) Because my NEW OB is super-efficient, I had a little time to kill before I told work I would be back. Being the good little consumer that I am, I went to Sam Moon. Please tell me that all of you out there know about Sam Moon. If you are searching for quality, not really your place. However, if you are searching for super-cute and not expensive, then shop on!
I picked up this little treasure. And by treasure, I mean I really think it spoke to me. It wasn't even out of the box yet and I had to have it. It didn't even have a price on it yet, and I had to have it. I really don't ever carry a clutch, but I HAD to have it. I think I will start carrying a clutch. (note the paisley print, the green trim, and the big button - 3 of my most favorite things!)

5) Because I was getting back to work about lunchtime, I decided to stop and get something and take it back with me. Taco Delite (and yes, that is how they spell it) is perhaps one of my most favorite places. Super Salad and sweet tea - yum! (or as William would say, nyum!)

6) We got an updated phone list in our boxes this afternoon at work. Not a major occurrence, right? Oh, contraire! Previous phone list: printed on orange cardstock. New phone list: printed on pink cardstock!! I threw the old one away with quite a relish! (
again, for background, visit here)

7) Almost every other person in my office was at a training today. I went last year so I didn't have to go again. It was very quiet :)

8) I actually like rainy weather, so the rain today didn't bother me one bit. something about the smell... And I had recently found my oh-so-fun black with polka dots umbrella that I thought I had lost

cheers for a Happy Tuesday and wishing for many more days just like it!


Ms. Tee said...

Sounds like a great day for sure!
I just recently found out about Sam Moon through another blog, and I have to say, they have super cute earrings. That purse is just adorable, too. :)

Zoe-D said...

I haven't been to Sam Moon in years but that purse has me thinking I should pay the a visit soon... Cute!