too perky for 7:30 AM

so my new job necesitates a new place to get coffee in the mornings (and, yes, I really should just be making it at home amd taking it with me. but as previously noted, the morning time is not my "lets be on the ball" time);
As such, I visited a new Starbucks location just 2 blocks from my new job. let me begin by saying that I realize there ARE people in the world who actually like the mornings. I just didn't realize the 10 people that actually do are all concentrated in ONE Starbucks location - and I found it!
the first morning, I was taken aback as I mumbled my order (a simple "grande coffee" - no crazy stuff for me) to the super-cheerful lady at the counter. big grins, lots of happy sayings, cheerful greetings, and it is still only 7:30 AM. maybe it was a fluke. surely, no one single place of business can keep that up for more than a day or two. Oh no, day two, same story - too... much... perkiness...
finally on day three, I knew I was completely in the WR-ONG place when I overheard (in the span of 60 seconds no less) two phrases that should never be uttered before noon. "J-Dog" got a something-something-half caff-grande-whip-something-or-other. and then the next lady in line was "kickin' it old school" because she wasn't having her regular drink. trying to keep up, I added "with room" to my simple "grande coffee". uh, yeah. I can't ever go back there again.
Seriously, though, there is a 7-11 right across the street. They actually have really good coffee. And while I don't think it will be a lot cheaper, I KNOW no one in there will EVER call me "M-Dog". sigh.

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