pet hair!!

So I was reading one of my fave blogs, Home Ec 101, and she was discussing pet hair and I have had enough of the pet hair in my house. Two dogs and August heat do not a good combination make (did you like my Yoda reference?)! What do you guys do to eliminate pet hair, besides accidentally leaving the back gate open? help me!


Emily Strittmatter said...

1 word...ROOMBA.

Zoe-D said...

We have a lab and a weimaraner and have found two things that help:
1) Gettng the lab shaved in the summers. We do the second-shortest option at PetSmart.
2) Furminator! This thing is a little pricey but is surprisingly good! http://www.furminator.com/
All that being said, I'd still like a Roomba too. :-)