Sprouts is open!!

For anyone who lives near us, Sprouts in Richardson is open! (SE corner of Campbell & Coit). It is still a 15 min drive from the house, but WAY closer than north Plano.
The Murphy location (much closer to the house) won't be open 'till October.

If you have never heard of/been to Sprouts, check out their website and definitely visit if there is one anywhere hear you!
We purchased a bunch of produce and treats of the day included yogurt-covered pretzels and dried apple rings! yum!

funny story... Will has learned how to say "yum" when he sees something he likes. Well, as soon as we get in the store, he is saying "mmm, yum" and rubbing his belly at everything he sees. We turn the corner and the wine and beer aisle comes into view. What does my son do? Points at the wine, says, "mmm, yum", and rubs his belly! we got a few looks!

(This picture has nothing to do with Sprouts, but I wanted to put it here because it demonstrates another newly-acquired skill - saying "aaahhhh" with a mouth full of food. A cute trick, maybe. But it actually quite useful when he is chewing on something of unkown origins!)

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Emily Strittmatter said...

well, William may not be able to say my name, but I have taught him something...the joy of wine! yummm....(insert belly rubbing motion here)