livin' the sweet life!

Here was my day today:
7:30 - wake up with William. Gggrrr, he was up waaaaay too early, but that's okay - the OLYMPICS are on!
10:30 - Mike gets up and hangs out with Will while I go take a nap
12:30 - wake up from nap and have leftovers from Opening Ceremonies party for lunch (yum!)
1:00 - pick up the house while, you guessed it, watching the OLYMPICS (that really means that I picked up a couple things in the kitchen, then sat on my bootie to play with Will and watch)
4:00 - nap with the little man in the big chair while watching the OLYMPICS (he and I both slept a couple of hours)
7:00 - okay, I HAD to turn the TV off for a little while; Mike went to run; but never fear, we recorded the OLYMPICS and then started it after Mike got back home
11:30 - wouldn't you know it, as soon as we finished watching the prime time coverage, it was time for late night OLYMPICS coverage

I thought about feeling guilty for doing absolutely nuh-thing, but this day will never, ever happen again. I start back to work on Monday :(
so now my brain is absloute mush from lack of activity and stimulation and I am so tired - I need to go to bed.

but before I leave, my top 5 list from the Opening Ceremonies:
5. the cool globe thing with the people running around it
4. Dirk Nowitzki (go Mavs!) had the Olympic Rings shaved in the side of his head
3. The little green men whose costumes lit up with all the lights - I call "dibs" on this for Halloween!
2. The drums - oh my gosh! weren't they just amazing! and there were exactly 2008 of them!
and the #1 highlight form the Opening Ceremonies:
1. The printing press boxes with all the chinese characters on them - I just could not imagine being in one of those boxes, not being able to see what is going on, and knowing exactly when to move! the pictues they created just by moving up and down were amazing - did you catch the water drops?

Anyone have any other "favorite moments"? Please share!

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Emily Strittmatter said...

i liked the dudes who painted with their feet while dancing.