ahhhh, toddler.

lots of whining (and when I say lots, I really mean all the time), super-picky eating (within the last week he has gone from eating everything to next to nothing), total personality becoming apparent (yeah, this kids grins at you when he knows he is in trouble and he even cocks his head to one side to make it extra super-cute), won't go to sleep by himself, etc.

It is as if he thought to himself one day at the end of last week, "Hey! I totally have the power to screw with these people. Let the games begin!"

prayer for the day: patience
(and then I see something like this and I am reminded of all my many blessings...)


Emily Strittmatter said...

sweet luce dog...what an adorable picture!

CAMoore said...

adorable picture! great lighting....great subjects...GREAT all over! :)