issues with orange

I must confess something... I don't really think I am OCD or anything, but I have serious issues with the color orange. And it extends to anything in the salmon/peach family as well.

I have often tried to analyze it and have come up with the following points:

1. I will NOT, under any condition, wear orange on any part of my body.

2. I WILL, however, eat orange food (carrots, oranges, cheese, and Goldfish crackers to be more specific). for some reason, it doesn't bother me at all - maybe because I am consuming it and the orange actually goes away

3. I do not like Halloween - a cause or effect of the anti-orange sentiment? I'm not sure...

4. I will not use any pens/paper/folders etc. that have orange. I am not above trading with someone to get rid of orange (in my classroom, I set my kids up with different colors of folders for different subjects - orange was NEVER an option)

5. While I am very aware of my orange issues, I am trying not to pass along my wierd stuff to William. Hence, he has a couple of shirts with an orange stripe in them.

6. Nothing in my house (except for the foods mentioned in #2) is orange.

7. I attended Texas A&M University where our unofficial motto is "we hate TU" (Univ. of Texas = orange). But looking back, I was definitely anti-orange before college. hhhmmmm

8. When William plays with his set of blocks, I don't let him use the orange ones.

9. I have a friend whose favorite color is orange. It literally gave me a little anxiety to go buy her a cutie orange handbag for her birthday.

seriously, what is wrong with me?! What will I do if it turns out to be Will's favorite color?

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Emily Strittmatter said...

So, does the little google-blogger icon just drive you crazy? I don't think I knew this about you...good to know!