You give me fever!

... Olympic fever, that is!

You might be thinking, "Thank goodness the Olympics are finally here! Maybe she will quit talking about it all the time." No such luck my friends. This is only the beginning. Think of the opening ceremonies as my personal "Call me Ishmael". You cannot ignore what comes after it. Even if you don't like it, you have to know what happens.

(for the record, I absolutely detest Moby Dick. And wouldn't you know it that my Lit. professor at Texas A&M - and yes, they do have literature classes at A&M - wrote his doctoral dissertation on Moby Dick. seriously, we spent a month on that dang book! I read it in high school and in college and STILL couldn't even tell you what it is about other than a boat and a whale, and apparently a guy named Ishmael)

Back to the important stuff...

Friday evening will be a celebration at our house. Including decorations.

By the way, what is wrong with the world when there are no Olympics decorations to be found anywhere? Gggrrrrrr. I am having to improvise. I have been looking forward to this night for long enough, however, that I scooped up a bunch of clearance-priced red/white/blue deco. after the 4th of July. But nuh-thing, and I mean nuh-thing, related to the Olympics.

My sweet husband did manage to track down an olympics t-shirt for me (actually a Team USA Olympics shirt) and you KNOW I will be wearing it tomorrow night. I am still searching for a shirt with the Olympic rings on it - if anyone sees one for sale, please, please let me know!

William will be wearing his cutie 4th of July "Go USA" outfit. (again, nothing for little ones related to the Olympics!) Mike, honestly, does not have the fever like I have the fever so we'll see what he comes up with.

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