another project!!

So I am on a nesting streak lately and here is what came of it:

first I painted an old icky brown picture frame black

then I found a big cardboard letter at Michael's for $2 and painted the edges black

I covered the back of the picture frame with a pretty piece of paper

then I covered the P with an old fabric scrap and glued it onto the front of the frame. I put two little nails on the back of the frame in the top two corners. I made a big loop of ribbon and hung it around the 2 nails

I am thinking about making this the focus of a pseudo-mudroom/coatrack/etc. We really don't have a "put all your stuff that you walk in the door with" place and it becomes piled everywhere. I bought some hooks on clearance that I think I am going to hang on the wall just under this wall plaque for coats, unbrellas, kid bags, etc. We'll see!

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Holly Bartos said...

Love all your cute projects Martha! You should totally open a shop on Etsy selling all of your creative goodness!