what is that?!

You know you are definitely the youngest person at your new job when one of the ladies is bragging about her tickets to go see "Menopause", all the other ladies are oooo-ing and aaahhhh-ing, telling how crazy it is, and you STILL have no idea what it is (I am referring to the performance apparently, not the actual definition of menopause). Seriously - a movie? a musical? a play? a monologue? this lady actually opened up her purse at lunch and pulled out the actual ticket.
apparently, I am missing out. maybe I should go to whatever this is. according to the other ladies in the group, if you get up on stage and dance, you get a prize. (sigh)

another sign: you introduce yourself to the group and tell about your 20 month old son. Your colleagues introduce themselves and talk about their 20 month old grandchildren.

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