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This past week has been, well, icky. Not completely icky, but just enough icky stuff going on to leave a bad impression of the entire week. I felt much better today - watched some (ok, lots) of Olympics with hubby and son, worked on my nesting projects, took a walk with my sweet little man, and made REAL mashed potatoes.
I realized that I have not been posting pictures of our many recent adventures. Consider yourself caught-up.

One of William's newest words is shoe. He loves shoes. He loves his own shoes and he loves Mike's shoes.

This is a photo of immediately post-nap William. Notice the large handprint on his chest. The poor little guy slept on his hand, I guess, for his entire nap. That handprint seriously was there for a couple of hours.

Olympics Opening Ceremonies Party - that's the US team marching in!

All I have to say is that I understand where they got the term "down-dog" for a yoga pose. I think Lucy is trying to teach William a thing or two.

Let me interrupt for a moment. Upon review of the pictures I have posted so far, I need to make a clarification. Yes, William does have clothes. And yes, he does usually wear them. It has just been so crazy hot around here recently that he just hangs out as-is while we are in the house. I promise I clothe him when we leave the house! I will not be THAT mom!

We went to Arlington for Isabelle's 2nd birthday party. Isabelle is the daughter of our friends, Matt and Amber. She and William both did a great job with the party blower-thingies! (also, please notice that William is wearing clothes)

We went to the Bavarian to celebrate with our friend Nick. He just passed his Nurse Practitioner exam!
And where was William during all of this? That's right! He and GramGram were partying it up at the house! Mike has taught him to do fists. (sigh) again, William is wearing clothes.

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