Yes, the Olympics are over. I am actually having withdrawal. "Mike, did you record the Olym-? oh wait, they're over." whatever will I do with my time? ok, so there is lots of cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc. that needs to be done. Luckily for me, I downloaded the Olympic theme ring tone for my phone so it can be with me ALL the time. And get ready..... Feb. 12, 2010... Vancouver... be there! (or at least be watching your TV!)

One parting note.... I am so freakin' proud of our Men's basketball team. Not just because they won the gold medal (which they did, by the way, in a fabulous finish), but because of the maturity and professionalism and sportsmanship and patriotism they displayed throughout the games. Now don't get me wrong, I follow sports enought to know that some of these guys can be big jerks in their day-to-day lives as NBA superstars. However, it really seemed as if representing the United States and being an Olympian was such an honor for these guys. They participated in the opening ceremonies with lots of pride. I love the fact that they attended other events to support other US athletes. I saw them on camera at swimming and beach volleyball games. I loved Kobe Bryant's interviews (and yes, he is still a jerk for having an affair). And then, in the best moment EVER, as the team stood on the podium after receving their medals, waiting for the national anthem to begin, the camera showed Jason Kidd (love him!) telling all the other players "hand over your heart". And wouldn't you know it? Each one of those super-rich, too-cool-for-you NBA superstars had thier hand over their heart during the national anthem. A couple even sang!

An interviewer afterwards (I totally forgot whcih player) asked how this Olympic medal compared with all the other accomplishments. The player simply replied, "it doesn't. this so much more important than anything I have ever done."

Who has Olympic fever? Well, there's me AND 12 NBA superstars!

My new favorite Dallas Maverick - Jason Kidd (sorry Dirk.)

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