Going to the Fair

Mike and I managed to take personal days on the same day last week and headed out to the fair with the little man.

As we are making our way through the auto bulding, who did we see? My parents! Yes, of all the thousands of people there that day, we ran into them and got to hang out for awhile. I am so glad we ran into them because they got to see the little man have some fun!

at the petting zoo:

on a ride in the Midway (actually this was the Kidway for little ones):

I will confess, we spent the equivalent of $7 (yes $7!!) for little man and I to take that 2 minute ride - and he didn't even like it! such a rip-off! (well, at least we got a cute picture)

at the auto show:

Now not too long after all these events, little man started getting REALLY crabby. It was, of course, nap time, but we couldn't get him to go to sleep in his stroller, even though it was reclined and everything! At one point, he has bucking his head back so hard against the stroller that our drinks went sloshing all over the place.

My parents were also heading home about this time and gave us all their leftover tickets. So what did we do next?

William received two pacifiers, Mike and I each received a beer, and we roamed the air-conditioned exhibit hall until he fell asleep. Ahhhhh, sweet relief! We headed back outside to sample some lovely foods (I can't even confess how much we ate) and roam the rest of the fair for an hour or two. Little man woke up right as we were heading to the car - perfect timing!

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Emily said...

fun! wish we could have gone!! except for that crazy looking goat, or whatever that was...that does not look like fun.