like I have mentioned before, my creativeness and non-laziness comes in spurts. Well, I am coming off the tail-end of a small spurt...


What is it? you ask. Well, it is a nap mat. And I made it. And I saved myself some serious moo-lah. And I had to make it because the little man started pre-school. (mmmwwwwaaahhhhhh! I am not ready to write about that yet.)

I couldn't tell you how I did it because there was no pattern and I really didn't keep track in my head of what I had done. Nevertheless, it looks pretty darn good, and pretty manly as far as toddler nap mats go. Thanks, Wendy, for inspiring me! (when this one falls apart in a month or so I'll be calling you to make for us like the one you made Cooper!)

Look! Project #2!

Hopefully, this one is a little more obvious... It's a trick-or-treat bag for the little man! felt, ribbon, glitter... all the things I can only get away with for a little boy because it is Halloween! and again, couldn't tell you how I did it. As I was finishing up, I told Mike I might just do a little dance, I was so proud of myself. he didn't care.

And lest we think that I have a big head or anything, let me clarify. If you don't know me well, you really don't understand what a big accomplishment this is for me! Two (count them - two!) sewing projects in one week. and neither one had to be thrown in the trash and re-started. And only 3 seams had to be ripped out!


Holly Bartos said...

You might as well become Martha Stewart's next apprentice cause you got it goin' girl! Good job!

Leslie said...

Love the nap mat, I'm impressed, great job!! Is it waterproof? And the trick-or-treat bag was such a cute idea. Everyone has those hard, plastic pumpkins, what a unique alternative.

Emily said...

ummm...why must you put me to shame?! I am so freakin impressed with your sewing ability. and jealous. soooooo jealous.

i can't wait to hear how pre-school is going...i may have picked up a few cutie things for little mans new adventure. i know, so suspenseful!