Weekly Helping of Crazy

It's that time again....

Well, last night I went to feed the dogs and discovered, alas, there was no dog food. I could not go to the store because Will was already asleep and Mike wasn't home.
What is a girl to do?

option 1: not feed them
problem: they are super-annoying when they are hungry and they KNOW when it is time to eat

option 2: wake up William and go get food
problem: do I LOOK stupid? (well, actually you can't see me - but I promise, I am NOT that dumb)

option 3: find something else for them to eat
this had to be the solution... but what was I going to feed them? I was NOT going to waste our expensive lunchmeat (and, yes, comparatively speaking, lunchmeat IS expensive!) on those fools

my solution (and this is where it gets good - so read carefully!) was to get the chicken scraps from dinner THAT WERE ALREADY BURIED IN THE TRASHCAN, crumble a few saltine crackers on top, and voila! dog food

for the record, neither dog has gotten sick and I think they rather enjoyed it! ha! (I swear, though, that I saw Lucy give me a dirty look)

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Leslie said...

Such a resourceful dinner! Were you a girlscout???

p.s. I don't know what a tag line is, but thanks :~} Sorry, new to the neighborhood. I got the fabulous 50's pictures at http://www.annetaintor.com/

There's a ton of them, just right click on any product picture and "save image" to your computer, then insert as html gadget on your side bar.