Opening up the bottle...

That's right, folks! It's time to open up the Bottle of Crazy again and see what comes out. I submit the following:

Double-fisting it - oh yeah, he gets mad when he doesn't have both of them...

To get the full effect of this one, click on the picture. Do you see all that goo on his face. Our labradror, Abbie, slimed him. Think Ghostbusters and do you remember Slimer? Yeah, just like that.

Way to go! What a great mom you are! You are teaching the little man how to clean!
Not so fast.
This is the little man's favorite toy. Uh huh. He carries it around and scrapes stuff with it. The only way we get it away from him is to hide it after he falls asleep. That gives us many days of peace because Lord knows I do not clean with that thing very often.

Well, until next time, if you have any moments from your own Bottle of Crazy that you would like to share, please do! Because if I am the only one who ever has these moments/feelings, I have more problems that I thought!

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Zoe-D said...

How do you make the photo so you can click on it to see it bigger? It seems like some of my blog pics do that and some don't but I can't figure out the rule. ...?