Open up the Bottle again!

Well, folks, it's time for our weekly installment. (actually, I have no idea if I am doing this on the same day every week or not... whatever....)

I have noticed that other helpful and with-it bloggers out there have weekly features that focus on meals for your kids, nice recipes, do-it-yourself projects, even weight loss. me? no. we talk about crazy.

let me first set the scene. a gorgeous Saturday afternoon at the local (and by local I mean gi-normous suburbia-like) pumpkin patch. a wonderful picnic lunch (and by picnic, I mean that we brought Subway sandwiches to the pumpkin patch) with the little family. letting little man run around crazy through the petting zoo, the pumpkin fields, and various other attractions.

becoming parched, I take a a sip of Cherry Coke out of the 20 oz. bottle opened during the aforementioned picnic.



there is something BESIDES Cherry Coke in my mouth.

spit, stupid! spit it out all over yourself and all over the ground! now!

people looked. lots of people looked. Mike at that moment thought I might have finally lost it.

as I realize that people (lots of people) are watching a grown woman spit Cherry Coke all over the sidewalk on purpose, I realize the need to explain myself and save some face.

so, what do I do? I yell, really loudly, "There was a BEE in my Cherry Coke!"

yeah, that did it! there is NO WAY people will think I am crazy now...


See! Right there in the middle of all the Cherry Coke is the bee!

(and, because I have decided to write my own sentence to the looney bin, I decided to take a picture of it!)

This Week's Special:

Free dog with each purchase of Crazy! (seriously! any takers on these fools?!)


Zoe-D said...

This cracks me up! I love it. Also, I'd like to know where there's a Pumpkin Patch around these parts. ...?

Emily said...

sheariously?! what are the odds. i guess you could say you had a bee in your bottle. sorry that was lame. i need to learn some restraint already.