oh yeah, the dogs...

I was reading my friend Emily's blog (by the way, I am soooo proud of her for doing one!) and realized I have not yet mentioned our dogs. A purposeful omission? no. A realization that I just am not a very good dog owner these says? definitely.

Anyhoo, here are Abbie and Lucy. Abbie, when clean and not going nuts, is a gorgeous pure bred labrador. Lucy, when clean and not barking her head off, is a super-cute mostly-beagle.

A special note about Lucy... We got Lucy from the downtown Dallas SPCA a couple of months after we got married. First "should have been a big red flag" about her: she had already been adopted once and was brought back. Second "should have been a big red flag" about her: her name at the time was Snoop. Well, we took a chance on Snoop. Keep in mind that we are her third chance (original owners, first adoptive owners, now us). We renamed her Lucy and took her home. Because she had already been through the SPCA system once and was spayed the first time, the SPCA literally put a tatoo "down there" to remind themselves not to operate again. It is a green circle with a slash through it. No, I am not lying! My dog has a tatoo! (and honestly, that was the third "should have been a big red flag")

So now we have a dog formerly known as Snoop that has a tatoo and is off the streets of downtown Dallas! She now also wears a chain (a choke collar) because Abbie like to pull off Lucy's collar when they play and chew up the nylon ones...
tatoos, chains, living on the streets... I bet she figures out how to spray paint our house pretty soon!
See! She is plotting already!

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