procrastination, organization, and cell phone karma

I have a procrastination problem... seriously, anyone have any good tips? Summer school is over at the end of this week and I am still trying to write up all my plans that have to be turned in before I leave on Friday... please note that is is almost midnight - yikes!

on the flip side, I got a "bee in my bonnet" this afternoon and cleaned out/cleaned up/reorganized Will's room. It is amazing how much baby "equipment" a low-maintenance mom and dad can accumulate! And most of it is too large and awkwardly shaped to go into tubs/boxes! For now, it is all sealed up in bags, in stacks in the garage. I finally got all his too-small clothes sorted and into tubs and into the closet

I guess I am just tired now... It doesn't help that I spent, quite literally, 2 hours on the phone with AT&T wireless trying to fix my NEW cell phone. All the wierd phone stuff happens to me. This dumb thing will sometimes make calls, sometimes not. I will get alerts that I have new voicemails and the phone never rang. I have had screeens go blank, never to appear again. My cell phone karma really stinks!

P.S. 14 days 'till the Dominican!

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