For anyone in the Dallas area who is reading this, you have to eat at Desperado's. We are there at least twice a month! best entree - Desperado Tacos; fajitas are great too! We were there Fri. night with Nick and Emily. William was in full-on toddler mode! (more on that later). The only way he would eat any of his food was to stick the end of a straw in it and feed himself. whatever. at least he ate something.
by the way, please tell me there are more people out there who remember Lavar Burton and Reading Rainbow (remnant of a dinner discussion...)!

Where in the world would a little boy get a lime wedge in a Mexican restaurant? Definitely NOT from the rim of his mommy's margarita glass :)

yeah, so you'll notice the wad o' beans and rice stuck to the end of the straw - that is how William fed himself at dinner - it actually took up about 20 minutes... we might try it more often!

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