Library Adventures - numero uno

In keeping with our cheap summer fun theme, I have recently discovered the public library. Well, actually it is libraries. Let me explain. We live IN the City of Garland. Garland public libaries are hhmmmm.... how shall I say it?.... not exactly athestically pleasing. We leave NEAR the city of Richardson. The Richardson library is hhmmm... how shall I say it?.... picked over because there is only one location and it is so crowded.
To make a long story short, for the library atmosphere and fun things to see/do, we go to the Richardson libary. To actually get some books and DVDs (Will must have board books - I WILL NOT pay for a book because he tears the pages!), we go to the Garland libary.

Here are some highlights from a recent trip to the Richardson library. We actually found some Spanish board books because they are not with the rest of the board books - they keep them in the nonfiction section because they are a foreign language - go figure!
(by the way, read the next post... the library adventure does not end here!)

Lots of roaming up and down the aisles. You should see us! Me with tote and bag o' books speed walking up and down the same 3-4 aisles, trying to keep up with Mr. "I own the library".

Like I said, the Richardson library is a really nice place! These huge windows surround the children's section!

They have these great little tables where Wil can climb up and sit in the chairs. This book, by the way, is upside down :)

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