Not yet!

I was in a well-known "everything you need is there" type store yesterday and I was shocked to see that school supplies are already taking up 5 major aisles in the center of the store! yikes! I haven't even finished teaching summer school yet! However, being the nerd that I am, you know that I went down each aisle and REALLY wanted to buy myself a new pack of pencils and a new box of crayons :) However, because I am against the blatent promotion of such items at this time of year, I showed restraint and moved on...

Also, if you want a headstart in your Christmas decorations (yes, Christmas!), Hobby Lobby is the place to be! (I think if I didn't love Christmas so much, I would be against this also. But then again, I would get ready for Christmas all year long if I could... which gets me to thinking.... maybe I will!)

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