no, not THAT horse

So William has a super-cute little barn with animals (thanks, Aunt Paige!). He has recently just gotten old enough (and coordinated enough) to play with it.

This morning, I see William take the little horse from the barn set and put it on the ground. He then proceeds to squat on top of the horse (and fall down, of course).

My first thought was - geez kid! what in the heck are you doing?! Then he gets up and runs over to his rocking horse and whines to get on it.

My brilliant child was trying to RIDE the 2-inch tall play horse!! well, at least he wasn't trying to stuff it down the toilet...

Poor little horse, imagine the horror if William had actually managed to sit on it!


Paige said...

hee hee I love that story!! that's the best one yet!

Emily Strittmatter said...

hahahahaha....love it!