Olympic Fever

Do you have it too? Have I mentioned that I am a HUGE fan of the Olympics?!?! Political issues aside, I think it is truly one of the most amazing events EVER!! We missed some of the US trials that were on TV this past weekend (more on that later), but they are re-showing them at various points in the evenings this week and I am so excited! And Mike found one of the HD channels that has them until 1:00 this morning - hee hee!
I really can't explain the origin of my fascination, but I will watch any sport in the olympics. I really got into curling during the '06 Winter Olympics :) I think William has Olympic fever also - he climbed up in my lap to watch some of the swimming this evening and kept pointing and blabbering at the pool on TV.
Also, I saw a promo on TV this evening. NBC will be broadcasting over 3600 hours of Olympic events on SEVEN networks (I can even watch it on Telemundo)! Seriously, I don't get giddy about too many things, but the Olympics are definitely one of those things

I have 4 major life goals (besides being a wonderful mother and wife, of course) and going to the Olympics is one of them. Just you wait! One day you will see me in the stands at the archery, kayaking, or some other random event, screaming my head off!

So, I have decided that we are having an Opening Ceremonies party (8.8.08). Anyone who is available is welcome - just let me know! The Olympics are just over a month away - get excited!!

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