"back to life, back to reality!"

isn't that a line from some 80's song? Seriously, (or shall I say, sheriously) if you know what song it is let me know because that stupid line has been running through my head all day long.
vacation is over.

not that I'm completely sad. We picked up William from Mike's mom's house this morning and I cried like a baby when I picked him up. I missed that little boy sooooo much, my heart hurt just seeing him again!
reality set in when we had to pack up all his stuff (and the two crazy dogs) and go back to the house. let the madness begin!

well actually, it began last night when we got home from the airport. hhmmmm. long flight. late night. no food in the house. quite crabby. stuffy house because the A/C had been off while we were gone. the situation totally called for Taco Bueno. plan is : we go get our tex-mex fix in the A/C at Bueno then come home to a cooled-off house and GO TO BED!

wrong. first dose of reality. I yelled at some lady who was driving in front of us. this from the girl who was so relaxed for 4 days she barely stood up. (and I wasn't even driving - Mike was!). next. we get to the parking lot of Bueno (shared with a shopping center) and there is a classic car mini-convention for over-50s with too much time/money on their hands happening right there in the parking lot. the convnention atendees have decided to fill their late night cravings by walking through the drive-thru. no biggie because we are going to eat inside. park. go to door. locked. yes. it is 10:03 and Taco Bueno indoor dining closed at 10:00 (no wonder the crazies were walking through the drive-thru). Plan B. get in line at the drive-thru behind a couple, not in their snazy sportscar, but in their snazy sneakers! I sooooo badly wanted to hnk. but Mike wouldn't let me.

we successfully order/receive food/eat at home and I am feeling much better. not for too long. go to restroom to put away toiletries from trip. scale is beckoning me in the same way that Sally teased Charlie Brown with the football. I fall for it. it is not pretty. In the course of 6 days, I have gained AT LEAST 5 pounds. I say at least because I am a morning weigher. and we ALL know that for some miraculous reason we all weigh less in the morning. through God's grace, the batteries were dead in our scale when I went to try it this morning and I have yet to cry about the situation since I still can't be sure of exactly how much weight I gained. I don't think I am going to replace the batteries for a few days. I CANNOT handle the truth (did anyone else just get a vision of Tom Cruise from that phrase?!)

needless to day, I am so completely glad we went on vacation. Mike and I don't usually splurge on big stuff like that, but it was definitely worth it. I'll catch you all up on more details in the future, but I leave you with a few of my most favorite pics. (by the way, we were in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic)

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