yeah, I am a list maker. it makes me feel better.
anyhoo, here is tomorrow's list. (in sequential order)
(a simple reminder, I am technically still on my summer vacation - so don't get all in a tizzy if my list doesn't seem that ambitious)

1. find something for Will to eat for breakfast. sheriously, after vacation, our kitchen is severely lacking.
2. go to grocery store and get supplies to remedy #1.
3. play with Will - a lot! I really missed him and besides, length of nap time is directly proportional to level of exhaustion.
4. lunch (hopefully a more successful venture than #1, because of #2)
5. nap (hopefully just Will)
6. start on mountain of laundry - I am Sir Edmund Hillary and it is my Everest
7. write about my pretty new-to-me piano (ooooooo, it really is sooooo pretty)
8. clean house - sheriously? we'll see how that goes.....
9. depending on length of #5, watch Ellen AND Oprah
10. some sort of indoor adventure for Will involving lots of air-conditioning (library, maybe?)
11. make dinner (with newly acquired supplies from #2)

and yes, as soon as I post this, I am printing it off so it can sit on my kitchen cabinet and be checked off tomorrow

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Emily Strittmatter said...

O and dont forget to get the new Tom McGraw CD.