Hurricane Watch!

Well, since our vacation is on an island in the Atlantic, I (well, mostly Mike) is carefully tracking the progress of Hurricane Bertha. Good news - WAY north if the Dominican - no present danger! Mike told me that if the next Hurricane is named Martha it is a bad omen and we might be in trouble. I told him that they name the hurricanes in alphabetical order, one for each letter, and if they get all the way to the M's before we leave in a couple of weeks that it is more than a bad omen - it is the end of the world! ha!
seriously, I can't help but return to the idea of karma. Mike was planning a bachelor party for our friend Nick a few years ago and the destination was.... New Orleans! The week before the trip, Hurricane Katrina hit. Without intending to make light of the destruction that happened there, Mike has TOTALLY paid his debt to hurricane/trip karma. And when I was young, I once had to come home early from a family vacation to Galveston because of a hurricane (which totally ended up turning north and not making landfall anywhere near Galveston). see! karma debt paid!

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