sad news

Rosie, Mike's beloved family dog has passed away. Rosie lived with Mike's mom and sister in Arlington but was such a big part of Mike's life for so long. Affectionately known as "the fat dog", Rosie had not been doing well for awhile. While not a surprise, it is still very sad. Mike, Pat (his mom), and Paige (his sister) will all miss Rosie very much! Here is a picture:

Rosie, with a dog chewie

I'm working on getting a few more photos to share...

It is hard to explain the love between Mike and Rosie - whenever Mike was over at his mom's house, Rosie wanted to be right by his side - she would always get up whenever he came into the room and would always go fetch a shoe for him :)
We love you and will miss you, Rosie!

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Emily Strittmatter said...

Nick and I are very sad about the loss of fat dog Rosie...please tell Mike that we have a cute little black dog he can have if it will help heal his wounds.