Library Advenures - numero dos

please, please read numero uno before reading numero dos. You just don't get the same "adventure" vibe if you read this one first. Plus, you need a frame of reference, some background information, etc.

adventure dos:
Picture us if you will, standing in line to check out. Will does NOT want to leave and he is now able to make that quite clear by simply stopping in his tracks and laying down on the TILE floor. And I, to avoid "the look" from nearby patrons, pick him up. When we get to the counter, I set Will on it in front of me. I get my first "humph!" look from the library check-out person. I then open up our bag of books so they can be scanned. After she scans each one, I show Will how to pick them up and out them back in the bag. He's helping, right? Wouldn't she rather him pick up the books than any other assortment of things on her counter? Apparently not! I get another "humph!" look. By this time, I just want out of there. We DID have a lot of books. But regardless, shouldn't a library be supportive of A) reading lots of books and B) children?

Finally, checkout is done - we go to the car! It is BLAZING hot (4pm, middle of July - duh!) so I quickly open the passenger door and get the A/C started. I throw my purse in the seat and hit the lock button so all the doors will open and I can get Will in the backseat. Slam the front passenger door and go to open the back pasenger door where WIll's carseat is. Have you ever had an instant of sheer panic? I did when I realized that the door was locked! And... the front door was locked! Yup, when I hit the switch to unlock the doors, I must have accidentally hit the lock button instead. Seriously, I actually looked down at my arms to make sure I have William - good news! William is NOT locked in the car! Bad news - my purse and cell phone are locked in the car AND it is running. Really not ever been completely lost as to my next course of action, but at that instant I was.
I happen to look across the front seat through the window at the driver side door. it is NOT locked. weird! That door has been giving me fits lately (a whole different story), but every unkind thought (and not nice word) I had towards that door disappeared when I realized that because it is doing weird stuff, it did not lock when I hit the lock switch!!! seriously, God has plans that we have no idea about.

open doors, get in, drive home. not going back to the libary for at least a week (when the DVDs we checked out are due!)

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