Yes, as a matter of fact, I AM a rock star!

So we had dinner over at Nick and Emily's last night (by the way, thanks guys, for the super-yummy food!)

Nick and Emily recently got a Wii. Mike and Nick have played a lot, but I, never being what you might call "good" at eye-hand coordination, really wasn't into it. Oh, how things change.
The newest game is Rock Band and let me tell you, in my next life, I am coming back as a Rock Star!!!

The drums and guitar were fun but a little stressful. My contacts got sooooo crewed up when my eyes got dried out because I was staring at the screen, focused upon not missing any notes! And, by the way, I actually got a 100 score on the singing on one of the songs. Fortunately for me, all it does is measure the difference in the pitch of your voice, not the accuracy of the pitch. :)

Watching a toddler dance is hi-larious!! Every time the was applause on the game, Will just turned to look at the TV, and screamed and clapped. I know William would totally support me in my quest to be a rock star.

As soon as we got up from dinner, William ran to find the drums and he was, shall we say, "upset" when we took the drumsticks away from him. I will definitely let him be in my band when I become a rock star.

Here is a picture of William modeling Emily's new fedora :)


Emily Strittmatter said...

you have to teach me how to link!

CAMoore46 said...

That fedora is presh on him!

Zoe-D said...

Very cute!