awwww, did you miss me?

yeah. probably not.

anyway, we’ve been busy.
pool, playing, family events, vacation - summer in general will just wear a girl out!

mom – don’t worry beach pics are coming soon!

a few random thoughts on the day:

- i go through phases with this blog thing and I feel another one coming on but I need to try and be more consistent – the boys are doing so much!

- R is doing an apparent colon cleansing without letting me know beforehand – the kids has seriously pooped 4 times today and it’s only 4:00! the most recent one was discovered by W as he was tickling R and inadvertently put his head near the bootie

- have you seen the commercials for “Your Baby Can Read”? Well, W has. he told me as we snuggled after his nap today than when R woke up, we needed to go to Target and get those word cards. of course, I had no idea what he was talking about and his explanation was, “you know, those cards for R so he can speak better” – such a concerned big brother

- while we are on that topic, I’m not sure which troubles me more: the fact that my son is old enough to get sucked in to the ridiculous advertising on TV (oh yes, he would also like a pillow pal because, “Mommy, they are so soft”) OR the fact that he has watched enough tv this summer to completely understand what that baby reading product is supposed to do

- for the record, I think that baby reading stuff is complete garbage.

and finally, drumroll…

I am…

wait for it…

tan! it didn’t peel.

yet. but I still hold out hope that this one might remain.

and now a preview of upcoming topics:

R is almost 9 months! only 2 teeth, refuses to sit up, somewhat scooting with his legs but nothing I would call “mobile” quite yet

W is such a fun kid! little personality quirks and I know I am partial, but the kids remembers stuff like crazy! his first movie/mass marketing obsession has hit us – Toy Story 3

be back soon with pics and details!

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