more vacation!

The next day started out gray, so I convinced Mike to take W fishing at the “fabulous stocked fishing pond” right next to our condo building instead of doing the beach again – seriously wore me out the first day!!!

um, ew. I had seen this deck/pier the day before and it was covered with seagulls. and you know what seagulls do? they poop. Mike said it was covered and gross and slimy and smelly. but the fishing poles and tackle box had made the trip in the car and they were going to be used, dangit! it didn’t last too long. fishing

Mike and Nick had some quality time on the couch
Mike and Nick

ah, the pool. the rain cleared off in the afternoon and we were all over it! this pool had a lazy river. not the Wet N Wild kind of lazy river – just a small circle – but you could be in it and move with minimal effort – still a winner in my book!

this kid should never complain about anything. ever.
Will swimming

this just cracks me up!
Mike and Ryan

mohawks are back “in”

Strittmatter family fun!

he said the goggles would help him put his face in the water. um, no.
Will goggles

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