Yes, it was Monday yesterday. My days are blurring because, well, I have no where to be and no major tasks to accomplish. love it!

ran a couple of errands, then came home and projected with W while R took a short nap.
I have been pulling out all my old “I am an awesome kindergarten teacher” stuff and he is doing such a great job. He knows all his letters and sounds, is recognizing about 10 sight words, identifies rhyming words, and is loving all the little level 1 and 2 readers we do!

W also loves to do “projects” as he calls them.
We have painted with colored shaving cream, put food coloring in to bottles of glue and made some pictures, made binoculars from toilet paper rolls, etc. and he loves it!

After R woke up, we played in W’s room. Honestly, his room has been an absolute pit for the past month or so. The clothes in the drawers were too small and all the clothes that were the right size wouldn’t fit in the drawers. They were everywhere. He had toys all jumbled up and it was not pleasant to play in there. Last week I finally got all his clothes switched out, put away, toys sorted and organized and now he can “be busy” in there.
I think we had every possible little toy combined in to a scene that would change direction about every 2 minutes, depending on what object he grabbed next.

‘cause all the Little People sleep in shoes, right?


R tried to grab every to he could get his hands on and put in his mouth
R play

We played this game I found on the cheap one day… so simple and easy for W. No worries about how to play or the rules, just roll the die {just learned a couple of years ago that “dice” is plural and “die” is singular} and go find the color!

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