the good stuff

So as we were enjoying night two of Awesome Shrimp Boil, watching the bay water creep ever closer to our condo building with the surge from Hurricane Alex, and seeing our perfect picture-taking place slowly become covered in water, Emily and I decided to move our final-night-in-galveston photo shoot to, oh, an hour ago! We realized the weather was just going to get worse {and it did!} so we hustled! {For the record, Em hustled much faster than me – I don’t care what is going, on, that girl can look like a million $$ in just a few minutes.} And this was not just a hang-out-and-take-a-picture kind of moment. There were pre-selected wardrobes, people! And Emily and Nick’s fabulous camera. I even got to snap a few shots with it – so fun! I am really loving all this photo-editing stuff!

{spoiler alert and disclaimer to all relatives – some of these MIGHT end up in a gift of some sort!}

he-men {W is trying to show his muscles…}

boys & me

boys & mike



family 2

family 3

family 4

family 5

don’t ask…
W3 b&w

my fave


Emily said...

Ok, the wind was nuts that night! But I am so glad that we took them- mothers instinct??

Gorgeous happy family!

CAMoore said...

the last picture....i hope you get a HUGE print of that! so sweet!~