he’s mobile!!!

It’s not fast and it’s not all the time, but it’s definitely mobile!

R started really scooting this afternoon as we were playing on the floor. I took away his floor blanket awhile back because he never stayed on it anyway and it was annoying to keep the dog off it all the time. and last week, W helped me “upgrade” R’s little toy basket from the baby rattles and little stuffed toys, to all the things the big babies like! Apparently it provided a little motivation because last week he tried to push himself forward with his toes and got a few inches, but nothing dramatic.

But today. What was his motivation to use his little chubby legs like a tadpole and scoot himself across the floor? His loving mother? His charming brother? Handsome father? A precious, beautiful toy we will treasure forever because “It helped you learn to crawl”?

um, no.

It was a plastic lid.

Yes. W was doing a puzzle and had the plastic box of pieces on the floor. R eyed that lid and it was if a light bulb went off. He realized he could get it. And get it he did.

pray for us. not sure our crazy house can handle another thing that moves.

{of course, there are no pictures or video to document this momentous occasion}

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