our only chance at sun

Day 2 was our only completely sunny day. Hurricane Alex was nowhere hear us yet the rain and wind became ridonculous as the week went on. {yeah, I said it.}

We headed out to the beach in the AM. What a beat-down! Don’t get me wrong – I am soooo glad we made this trip, but you should have seen this production! Four adults, one little dude, two babies, chairs, a pack n play, sand toys, towels, other baby necessities. All I’m sayin’ is that it is a good thing W could walk and carry his own shovel and pail. Otherwise, he might have not made it to the beach. Once we got there {I make it sound like it was soooo far away – we had to drive all of our gear across the street/highway and walk about 50 yards – it could have been worse!} and set up, we managed to enjoy it!

Will sand 2

MIke and WIll 1

Mike and Will 2

Will sand 1

Lunch, nap, then pool time! Much better pictures from day 2 at the pool!

While the kids napped, Mike and Nick went to get shrimp. Those two boys rustled up a real, live shrimp boil for dinner! So delicious! Shrimp, potatoes, corn, onions – all in a big pot with some amazing seasoning! {pics from Emily}


mmmmm, Shrimp! {and the best part? they bought enough for TWO meals!}

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