ok, let me be honest. I am NOT on board with all the text-ese. You know, all the abbreviations people use when they are texting to make things easier and faster. I get it – everyone uses it and I know I have to understand it and now I feel seriously old!

I’ll admit, when I had ancient-phone that did not have a keyboard and I had to push [1] three times just to get the letter C, I would get annoyed. But even then, I struggled through and spelled it out. And now, most people have phones with a keyboard – it would take one more milli-second to spell it, people!

I WILL admit to using the :) and ;) in my messages – It kills me not to be able to convey some sort of subtlety in my communication. I own-up to all-caps at times and repeated/combined punctuation. But that is where I draw the line.

Here is what I have learned {the oldies}:
OMG – apparently a classic, often used in conversation now as well;
LOL, LMAO, ROFL, ROFLOL – enough already!!! I simply prefer a good “ha” or even the super-sassy “heehee” or heaven-forbid, “that is funny”

ur, 2mrw, u, 2, 2nite, etc – help! I need a translator

recent discoveries {here is the real reason I am lame}:
idk is “I don’t know”; heard some girls at the library – one asked the other something, she replied “idk”. really?

<3 is a heart! kept seeing this around and could NOT figure it out – seriously, so lame;

and the real reason I am lame:
got a text the other day signed “just lmk” WHAT?!?! I don’t get it!!! thought about it for a good 5-10 minutes and then realized “just let me know” geez!!!

and now I must go put on my teacher sweater and rimmed glasses, go sit in a corner of the library with a 1000-page novel and yell at all the young kids that are being too loud.

{just realized I used “btw” in a previous post. maybe there is hope for me yet!}

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