old school

since it’s been fuh-eva, here are some pics to catch you up to date:

This was the best I could do to get both boys still at the same time. Can’t believe R was only 6 months – he has already changed so much! Can you tell that W LOVES his outfit?! Whatever. It’s the last year I could even think about getting away with something like this for W, so deal with it :)

Ranger Game!
R sat this one out at GramGram’s house because, well mostly, I am a wuss. A wiggly 6 month old at a professional baseball game does not a calm, enjoyable experience make!
I think we get this pose every year…
Mike and Will

Finally get a pic of me and W and the stinker looks away!
Me and Will 

There was lots of snack-eating…

and lots of general inattentiveness… (luckily the people around us all had kids and were very understanding)

Go Rangers!

7 months-ish and new tricks!
Here is R at 7 months (yes, I know, I slacked on the monthly photos… he’s cute and fat – enough said!)

Look, mom! A new trick!



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