pool time

All I can say is that the Texas heat is only bearable with a pool! Lovin’ it this summer!!!
{edited to add: all these pics are courtesy of Emily and her super-awesome camera and skills! thanks, em!}

blowing bubbles
W pool 1


R pool 3

nice shot!
R & Mike

R & mom

it’s a rough life…
R pool 2

R and sweet Eli taking a snooze pool-side in the pack ‘n play
R & Eli

and you know when you find one of those pictures that you will absolutely love forever and will end up front and center on your desk at work and also probably prominently displayed in your home, well…
here’s one!
boys b&w

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Zoe D. said...

Martha - that last photo is phenomenal! All your boys looking happy and the black & white even has nice contrast to it. Well done! Frame it, frame it!